After 15 years, Billboard charting singer songwriter and acclaimed author Eliot Popkin is speaking his truth through new single FIGHTER! The windy beaches of Winthrop Massachusetts set the backdrop to this beautifully lush piece of pop introspection and self-healing. 

“The reflection in your tone is amazing and haunting.”

“This is your calling. Your voice is so beautiful!”

“You are inspiring me to keep pushing for all my dreams and goals. Amazing song.”

“FIGHTER is a beautiful expression of facing challenges in life without becoming the victim; and indeed, becoming the champion. Mr. Popkin has a unique gentleness that I find so soothing and relaxing. A deep peace came over me as I listened to FIGHTER. The chords literally altered my state from agitation to one of coming into Presence. That is real alchemy.”

“Another brilliant offering from one of the world’s most underexposed artists alive. There is a sense of organic pride and uplifting residence with Fighter, and I can’t wait until the entire collection is released.”

“Your song is beautiful and your voice is on fire!”

“Beautiful vocal and captivating hook! The lyrics are poignant and honest! Dope song.”